Pinot Gris

Late harvesting has benefitted the youth of the vines. The complexity of the inherant flavours can
only be truely understood by sampling at traditional competition temperatures. Expect not just the
initial youthfull exuburance of "new world wines". The initial nose indicates the fruit flavours including
gooseberry and nashi pear. Residual sugars still maintain dry and balanced flavours. An ideal wine
match for chicken or seafood dishes.

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Pinot Noir

Late harvesting (combined with 3 year controlled cellaring) has produced for the first vintage a subtle and velvet
driven Pinot Noir. Final flavours include pepper over cranberry and cherry. Subsequent tastings show continuing
and expanded depth gaining with further bottle conditioning. Has been described by one French wine consultant
as "has an old world feel being pale, brick red in colour, soft and silky with good pinot noir varietal character".

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Lansdowne Estate Masterton
Syrah 2009 (4 Stars)
Incredibly fruity aromas with a lovely floral edge.
On the palate it is packed with sweet, ripe blackberry and juicy spices, easy
tannins and has an elegant, warming finish.
Delicious. Yvonne Lorkin.

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Ordering Wine

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