Pinot Gris

Late harvesting has benefitted the youth of the vines. The complexity of the inherent flavours can only be truly understood by sampling at traditional competition temperatures. Expect not just the initial youthful exuberance of "new world wines". The initial nose indicates the fruit flavours including gooseberry and nashi pear. Residual sugars still maintain dry and balanced flavours. An ideal wine match for chicken or seafood dishes.

Vintages Available:

  • 2014 - available now
  • 2015 - available now
  • 2016 - not yet released *
  • 2018 - not yet released *

* It is our policy that no vintages are released before they have the requisite bottle-ageing.  Whilst our wines are crafted to improve, for many years, in the bottle, we do insist that they are ready to be enjoyed as soon as you buy them.  We will advise here a few weeks before the new vintages are released.