Lansdowne Estate. Pinot Gris

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Lansdowne Estate 2011 Vintage Pinot Gris.

The 2011 Vintage Pinot Gris 14% abv:
1500 litres produced.
Available Now.

Tasting Notes

Coming Soon.

Lansdowne Estate 2010 Vintage Pinot Gris.

The 2010 Vintage Pinot Gris 14.0% abv:
450 litres produced.
Available now (subject to supply)

Awarded Bronze Medal 2011
London International Wine and Spirits Competion.
Score 79.8%

Tasting Notes

Late harvested with the further maturation of the vines showing with intense flavours.
Robust with clearly defined 4 tiered flavours, this wine is definitely one to enjoy on its own merits.
The strong fruit flavours are lasting, ending with a smooth finish.
Perfect with spicier foods, or enjoy the flavours on its own.

Lansdowne Estate 2009 Vintage Pinot Gris

Our first Vintage.
One hundred years after the original Lansdowne vineyard was uprooted.
Lansdowne Estate vineyard has again begun production of high quality, low volume wines.

The 2009 Vintage Pinot Gris 14% abv:
1280 litres produced.
Available Now (subject to supply)

Awarded Bronze Medal 2010
London International Wine and Spirits Competion.
Score 79.2%

Tasting Notes

Late harvesting has benefitted the youth of the vines. The complexity of the inherant flavours can
only be truely understood by sampling at traditional competition temperatures. Expect not just the
initial youthfull exuburance of "new world wines". The initial nose indicates the fruit flavours including
gooseberry and nashi pear. Residual sugars still maintain dry and balanced flavours. An ideal wine
match for chicken or seafood dishes.

For further tasting notes see Sue Courtney wine blog May 21st 2011