Lansdowne Estate. Pinot Noir

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Lansdowne Estate 2011 Vintage Pinot Noir.

The 2011 Vintage Pinot Noir 13.3% abv:
2494 litres produced.
Available now.

Awarded Silver Outstanding Medal 2013
London International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Tasting Notes

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Lansdowne Estate 2010 Vintage Pinot Noir

The 2010 vintage Pinot Noir 14.0% abv:
232 litres produced.
Available now from the vineyard

Tasting Notes

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Lansdowne Estate 2009 Vintage Pinot Noir.

Reaching for The Stars.
If you haven't heard of the small Wairarapa wine producer Lansdowne Estate, its time to try this gorgeous full-bodied
silky soft pinot made by winemaker Karl Johner, who is originally from Germany (another country making top pinot noir).
Lansdowne Estate is owned by Derek Hagar, who has won plenty of medals for his wines in Britain and is now selling
them at a small number of exclusive outlets and direct from the vineyard.

Joelle Thomson

Our first Vintage.
Carefully selected slow developing and low yield vines. For first (and subsequent) vintage have been hand thinned at
grape set. Combined with selected bunch hand picking has resulted in a small press.

The 2009 Vintage Pinot Noir 14.6% abv:
1104 litres produced.
Available now (subject to supply)

Awarded Silver Medal 2011
London International Wine and Spirits Competition.
Score 80.5%

Tasting Notes

Late harvesting (combined with 3 year controlled cellaring) has produced for the first vintage a subtle and velvet
driven Pinot Noir. Final flavours include pepper over cranberry and cherry. Subsequent tastings show continuing
and expanded depth gaining with further bottle conditioning. Has been described by one French wine consultant
as "has an old world feel being pale, brick red in colour, soft and silky with good pinot noir varietal character".